trick or treat, smell my feet

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!  You all know that saying, right?!  I can do without the feet smelling part though.

Halloween…at our house that means we had one kid who said he’s too old to dress up and go door to door, another who – 30 minutes before she was supposed to be at her friend’s house – couldn’t make up her mind what to dress up as, one who hates, loathes and despises dressing in costumes and another who was perfectly happy sitting on his cousin’s birthday blanket squealing and rubbing the soft material as I tied the knots.

So in the end, we got this…..

Isn’t she stinkin’ cute?!  Zombie girl turned out perfectly and loved the reaction she got from people.

The old man who was missing the glasses and hat but this is the best I got out of him.  Trevor was out with three of his best friends and won the prize for Most Candy Collected.  And as I predicted, just a block or two down the street the shirt, beard and pipe ended up in the bottom of his pillow case buried under all the candy as he trick or treated in a white shirt and khakis.  I think from now on he’ll go as a Husker fan then he doesn’t have to dress up at all since he hates it so much.  And by the way, it must be a genetic quality to hate to dress up cause I was the same way when I was young.

The lighting in our family room stinks at night but Ryan’s smile lights up the room.  He had so much fun rubbing his hands and feet on the blanket so now I know what he’s getting for Christmas – new tie blankets – since his is so old and has lost the softness to it.  And after taking the pictures and putting the kids to bed, I realized my phone camera was on all the wrong settings so the inside pictures didn’t turn out very good.  Oh well….like I say about a lot of things… the big scheme of life, this is not a big deal.

And last but not least, the family member who thinks life is a big party and spends most of his time goofing off and laughing.  I have to say I love Brad’s personality and his ability not to take life too seriously.  I didn’t get any pictures of him and Nathan in the house but this is him in my sunglasses as we were leaving to take Nathan home.  Those boys….we all say they share one brain cell between the two of them, and I’m sure it’s an age thing. They spent the evening playing video games and eating over half of the candy we were suppose to be giving away at the door.  Nathan’s goal was to eat so much candy it made him throw up.  Sounds about right for an 8th grade boy.  I just shook my head and said “if you throw up on my carpet you’re dead meat”.

So now we have loads of candy the kids will pig out on for the next couple days until I get into my you’ve-had-enough-candy-to-last-you-a-year mode and take it all away.  I vividly remember the dentist talking to my mom when I was young, and he said it’s better for your teeth to eat lots of candy in just a few days than to spread it out over a few weeks.  Whether or not that’s true, it’s been my Halloween candy motto for years now, and I doubt it will change any time soon.  So here’s to Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Sour Patch Kids and Butterfingers (all my favs)!  I had my share of candy too.

One thought on “trick or treat, smell my feet

  1. Too funny! Great post today. And I’m glad Nathan didn’t throw up on your carpet. I told him not to even discuss his stomach ache with me because my sympathy meter for a stupid move is broken. 🙂

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