and life marches on

The kids are all busy with homework, sports, youth group, friends.  Nothing out of the norm really for us.  We’ve had some great family moments talking, sharing our hearts, praying together.  As much as I loved having little ones at my feet, I’m really enjoying them as they grow.  It’s nice to sit down and chat with the kids and see into their hearts.  They really are growing up so fast and are not little kids anymore.  We have been blessed with three wonderful kids who have the biggest hearts and are just simply very sweet, caring people.  Love them dearly!

Ryan is the same – sweet, smiley, happy, loud.  He is very loved and certainly doesn’t lack for attention at school or home.  His seizures are just as bad as ever and make him very tired but otherwise he is healthy and doing well.  Surgery is two weeks from Monday and coming up fast.  We finally have everything in order. My sister from the East Coast is coming for five days and will be here for his surgery.  She was with me through four hospitalization in Minneapolis several years ago; it will be nice to have both my sisters around this time. 

Travis and I are doing OK.  Our emotions go up and down constantly but we are sticking together and lean on each other a lot for support.  He’s a great guy and I’m thankful to walk this road with him.  His job is going well and we are both loving the flexibility he has to work from the office or home.  I just worked five 12 hr shifts in a row so I have a lot of catching up to do today around the house.  It usually takes me a couple of days to feel normal again switching my sleep schedule from days back to nights but that just comes with the job.  I like what I do which helps. 

Much love to you all!

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