day three

Ryan is doing OK this morning. He did throw up again so we are giving his meds again very slowly; he hasn’t been able to tolerate more than one ounce of fluid at a time. The resident will be coming in soon to take out the JP drain and put a disposable stitch in his head. He’s also had two bouts of diarrhea today probably from the strong antibiotics he is on. He is still pretty out of it and it appears he may be like this for a while. The surgeon thought he might bounce back a little faster but said with this surgery it can take several weeks before he starts to turn around. So basically we have no idea what to expect for recovery time.

The kids were here last night with Travis’s parents, and it was great to see them. Trevor had a mild cough when we left Monday morning but sounded a lot worse last night. When he got home Sidney took his temp and it was 100.5 so I had my sister take him to the doctor this morning. He is now on antibiotics for walking pneumonia and is home resting today and tomorrow. I hate not being there to take care of him!

It looks like we will be here for a couple more days at least but he needs to be here obviously. Thanks for your continued prayers.

3 thoughts on “day three

  1. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for the update. I will continue to pray for everyone, and hopefully Trevor will bounce back quickly. Kevin and I will be at UNMC tomorrow, and I’ll have some time around 11:00 or so – could I come and say hi to Ryan, and maybe give you a little break? If you don’t want a lot of people around him right now I completely understand. If it’s ok, just let me know where he is- we’ll be at Clarkson. I’ll check back here for a reply, if you get the time.
    Prayers and blessings to you all!
    Lisa English

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