no change

Ryan had a rough time last night with what we think was gas in his belly. With being nonverbal it’s always hard to know. We gave him a Tylenol suppository which helped. He -and I – both slept well last night. Like at home, he sat up in bed for about 30-45 minutes nut then went back to sleep until 8 am. This morning the doctor ordered a Dulcolax suppository to see if we can get his bowels moving. It hasn’t worked yet so basically nothing has changed from yesterday. My niece has her oxygen turned off right now so hopefully she will continue to improve and not need oxygen when she is sleeping. She still has sternal retractions and is grunting when she breathes. It’s baby steps!

Travis is picking up pizza for everyone tonight then we are going out to dinner. My sweet friend, Lori, is coming up to wTch Ryan and is sending us to Olive Garden. We haven’t had any time to sit and talk for at least 2 1/2 weeks since he broke his foot. It’s not like we haven’t had a lot going on so this will be a huge blessing.

I’ll update again this evening. Happy Valentines Day!

One thought on “no change

  1. Have a wonderful evening with your sweetie! You deserve some time together. Praying Ryan and your niece will soon be well enough to go home.

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