we have poop!!!

I know, what a title for this post. But it’s true!  Ryan pooped. All by himself! That means his small amd large intestines are working. I nearly cried I was so excited. And my dad was here to share in the smelly but happy event. He is now at the hourly volume we were hoping for.  Tomorrow he should be on formula instead of Pedialyte and will hopefully be getting some of his seizure meds through his feeding tube instead of the IV. At least now we know his intestines are working which we weren’t sure about. His stomach is another story as we don’t know if that is emptying at all or if it’s just slow but hey, we have poop which is a big step in the right direction!  I’m laughing at myself for being so excited about this but with the month we’ve had, I’ll take it!

5 thoughts on “we have poop!!!

  1. Praise the Lord. Have so been praying for this and pray his organs will really be working now. Praying for Travis to find a good job and healing on his foot. Also strength for you as you go back to work tomorrow Kim. Thanks so much for all your updates on Ryan and family.
    God Bless you all.

  2. Ok, so Bill says, you better read this one…HA! He knew how excited I would be about poop for Ry:) We are just praising God for this-Wow. It really broke my heart to read about how he may have to go without his beloved cheerios and those comforting food habits. We will continue to pray that everything starts working and Ryan can get back to his old routine when he returns home.
    Singing praises to the Lord!!!
    love hugs and prayers, BnB

  3. Im am so happy for your guys!! I pray that Ryan will be off the pump soon so that he can return to school. I miss that little guys smile! Please tell Ryan “Mrs, C misses his nosey’s”. I will plan to visit next week.

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