Watch me giggle and play!

    Today Ryan was very happy to play with his toys and get out of the house. Ryan has had a big change from the first day with his backpack and now a week later he is used to it and it has become a part of his daily routine. My mom took this video of us thinking you guys might want to see some giggles from him.

    Everybody is doing good here. Trevor had a friend over for a while today and Brad is at the High school basketball game with a few of his friends. We dropped them off and took Ryan on a long drive. I can tell you that I have seen a lot today. Everything from huge houses to a home-made tent under a bridge. I can definitely say that I’m thankful for what God has gave me! Even if we are not rich or even if I don’t have as much as all my other friends or a big house, I can still say that I’m still grateful for my family and friends.

    Dad is at work tonight and is doing better but he is still sore. I just keep praying that he heals quickly. Mom had a long day too. She took me to Seward for my volleyball tournament and we were there from 7:30 til 2. Boy was it a long day for the whole family.

    Well we figured out a new game plan… To help Ryan stop  retching and throwing up. We found that if we turn the pump off then do his meds and then wait and hour and turn the pump back on it works!

  Almost of you know that us older kids are on Spring Break which means we have Monday through Friday off! My Dad, Mom, Brad, Trevor,and I are all going to Embassy Suites on Tuesday and spending the night, going to dinner, and then going to see a movie. It will be good for all of us 5 to get out and have some time not having to worry about Ryan. Speaking of which, Ryan is going to be staying here with my moms dear friend Candy, who LOVES Ryan.

     I hope all of you guys are doing well and have a great week! : ) 


3 thoughts on “Watch me giggle and play!

  1. Dear Sidney and all,
    Thanks for the update! You did such a great job, I thought it was your Mom and was sooo confused for a bit. Then, (duh) I realized it was you Sid. It is such a blessing to see Ryan laugh, and also to know what a beautiful and sensitive young lady you are Sidney. Wow, I am so proud to know you and be your GAunt.
    love hugs and prayers, GA-Betsy

  2. WOW…what a great video to show just how much Ryan has improved in the last week….. and to also see what a compassionate and caring older sister he has who knows just what to do to get him to giggle and smile! And we are so thankful to hear that you have found a way to stop his retching and throwing up! What an inspiration your family is to everyone around them! Keep on blessing that little guy with all of your love and support!

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