birthday boy

Yesterday was Trevor’s 11th birthday and this is what he got.  It’s the electric bike he’s been wanting for over two years.  He was only able to ride it once because it started raining but I’m sure today with the sunny, hot weather we are having he’ll be out there quite a bit on it.  We had a fun day celebrating with one of his friends and all the grandparents.  Travis took Trevor and his friend to see Hunger Games right after school then we ate dinner at Shogun which was a lot of fun.  It’s a Japanese restaurant that has the grill at the table so it’s very entertaining. 

Otherwise things are good around here.  Ryan is doing exceptionally well this week.  We figured out a new way to give his meds over a 20-30 minute period and have not had any retching for the past four days!  It’s a huge answer to prayer; we’ll take it!  He also started back to school on Thursday in the afternoons only.  He was exhausted that first day but Friday did much better.  I think we’ll give it another week before we see if he can handle longer periods.  He’s still taking a pretty long nap every morning so we may let him continue with that for a while. 

Sidney and Travis are at a volleyball tournament today and the boys and I are home although Brad and Trevor will be off with their friends soon.  I had breakfast with one of my best friends and probably could have sat there for another 2 hours chatting.  Tomorrow we are heading out to the country to spend the day with some wonderful friends.  The kids love going out there because they have 4 wheelers and lots of space to play.  Trevor is taking his new bike out and hopefully they can all go fishing too. 

We have been blessed with a pretty good week, especially with Ryan doing so much better.  Thank you so much for all your prayers.  God continues to amaze us with His goodness in many forms. 



3 thoughts on “birthday boy

  1. Wonderful report! Enjoy every single day. When they go well, rejoice. When things are hard, rejoice that God is holding you all in His hands, and He will carry you through. I am grateful to be able to know about your family through these blog entries, and you are all in my prayers daily.

  2. Jim was thrilled to have Ryan back at school, he missed the nose rubs 🙂 What a sweet wonderful boy you have, I can’t wait to meet him. Jim talks about him all the time. As we begin this Holy week and rejoice in the promises of our Lord, your family will be in our prayers.
    Sue and Jim P

  3. what an encourageing update! Prayers have been answered re: Ryan’s retching. Praise God! Happy Birthday to Trevor & we hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow.

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