meet Chewy

This is Chewy.  He’s an eleven week old male Shih Tzu we surprised the kids with yesterday when they got home from school.

We named him after Chewbacca from Star Wars (above).  Wicket was our first thought, as in Wicket W. Warrick also from Star Wars, but didn’t love the name (below).  And originally we went with Louie but today decided Chewy fits him much better.

It was fun because the kids had absolutely no idea we were talking about getting a dog again.  He is the cutest, fluffiest, most laid back, sweet little bundle of fur I’ve seen.  Of course all puppies require a lot of time and attention, and he is no different.  He’s spoiled rotten and certainly hasn’t lacked for attention except at night when he thinks he should be on our bed snuggled up in our necks all night, not laying in his crate. 

Even Ryan is warming up to this little fur ball and has suprisingly given him two kisses.  Last night he sat next to Chewy on the floor and kept picking his tail and back leg up trying to throw them then would giggle.  The dog has already learned to completely ignore him.  He will pet him occasionally too and I think with time they will become fast friends.  Ryan never took a liking to our big dogs but seems to think this little creature is pretty funny, and he’s obviously not intimidated by his size.  Eventually we’ll teach Chewy to play catch with Ryan because his favorite thing in the world is to throw things and if the dog will return them, they’ll have quite the perfect game going on.  It has been kind of funny to watch because Ryan has no idea Chewy’s toys are for dogs.  He loves to take the toys out of the dog’s mouth and throw them across the room with a huge belly laugh.  So now we have two babies, not one.  Good thing they are both so cute cause they both like to get into things they shouldn’t!

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