here comes fall

Fall is on the way in and all this hot weather is hopefully on the way out for a while.  I’m ready for the changing leaves and colder days.  Life is moving along at a faster pace than I’d like but all is well at the McClintick home.  Brad is all about the F’s in life – football, friends, fun and food.  He is beyond social and I’m realizing my time with him is getting shorter and shorter.  It’s been a real eye opener sending him off to high school and the changes that brings with new friends, more experiences and a whole new level of independence.  My heart is so not ready for him to be in high school although I do love the young man he is becoming.  Sidney is in full volleyball mode with two club practices a week and two more at school for the intramural team plus games and tournaments starting.  She is loving school and I enjoy how self motivated she is to do her best and get things done.  I’m just not ready for all the boys who are really starting to notice her.  She has a very small, tight group of friends and avoids drama at all costs which I like!  And Trevor really loves junior high and the more challenging classes he has now.  He has made some very sweet new friends and is really becoming very social like his big brother.  He is really enjoying football with a new aggression we haven’t seen before and also loves going to the varsity games every Friday.  Ryan is the same as always – happy, noisy, loves his car rides and naps.  He sleeps an average of 11 hours at night with two to three naps usually totalling another five to six hours of sleep a day.  His seizures continue as usual and the ketogenic formula we are giving him four times a day doesn’t seem to be doing anything different.  He just started a new medication as well but we are too soon in the process to know if this will cut down on his seizures for a few months – that honeymoon period we love.  School is going well and he seems to be very happy going in the afternoons. 

As for Travis and me, we simply run the kids all over creation like every other parent these days.  I love fall but it’s always a transition to get used to all the driving and running again.  Travis had an endoscopy last week which thankfully turned up negative for Celiac Disease, but now there is the question of why he is having GI symptoms when he eats carbs.  He has to do a breath test next week, and honestly I don’t have a clue what it is except that it tests for food allergies and he does it at home.  He also had an ultrasound of his liver which was negative but I’m sure his numbers were slightly elevated because of the GI stuff going on.  He’s busy as always around the house and loves his time with Ryan during the day.  Work is still part-time and he loves it because it’s completely stress free and flexible.  My job on the other hand has been rough for a while now.  Lots of details I can’t, and shouldn’t, go into right now but it’s been hard for a lot of people in the ER.  I know it’s temporary but it’s no fun going to a job I love only to deal with the stress of everyone around me then also come home and often have stress here from Ryan’s health and other things we deal with.  But I know where my security is and continue to pray the verse that gets me through so many days –

So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. ~ I Corinthians 10:31

I’m really looking forward to a girls trip in two weeks to Table Rock with several close friends.  It will be a treat to get away and relax, laugh and have fun with the ladies.  We’ll be gone five days and have a gorgeous house right on the lake that is secluded with lots of trees and a hot tub on the deck overlooking the lake.  I can’t wait to get away!  There is so much to do in and around Branson so I’m sure we’ll stay plenty busy finding things to occupy our time when we aren’t relaxing at the cottage.

Tomorrow we have the privilege of taking Ryan to church with us as we start a new class for special needs kids.  Travis and I will be helping in the class for special needs adults, but we are anxious to see how Ryan does.  It’s always been tough not being able to go to church as a family with all five of us taking turns staying home with him every Sunday.   Now we can all go together and enjoy this new ministry our church is providing.  The kids are excited to see how Ryan does too which I love.   They certainly look out for him!

Enjoy your day!

One thought on “here comes fall

  1. I know you don’t know me but I’ve read your blog and Ryan’s caring bridge site for a while. Don’t always comment but I felt the need to today. I was finally diagnosed with fructose malabsorption last year after 35 years of GI distress. Have been hospitalized even for this issue. I had been tested multiple times for celiac, lactose intol., multiple food allergies, have tried every crazy diet out there. Not sure what your husbands symptoms are but fructose malabsorption is not a well known GI issue. Diet changes are the only answer for it but it’s such sweet relief to finally feel normal. 🙂

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