good week

I am in love….with my husband, my kids, and now with the weather.  This is my favorite time of year with the changing leaves, all the beautiful colors and the cooler weather.  Of course I can’t forget football, volleyball, having the windows open, pulling out my favorite, and some new, fall recipes. 

My friends and I had a relaxing, fun time at Table Rock last week and it was nice to get away.  We laughed, shopped, saw some shows, ate too much, stayed up late and slept in.  The cottage was in the middle of nowhere surrounded by lots of trees and right on the water.  It was serene and I could easily move down there although the one lane drive from the main road would be hairy, and unplowed, in the winter.  All in all it was a fun week.

Everyone seems to be doing well here.  The kids are settled into their routines with school, sports and homework and continue to do well.  This is Trevor’s last week of football and Sidney’s last week of intramural volleyball.  She still has two tournaments for club volleyball then tries out for the club season.  Brad is immersed in football and has his first  homecoming this Friday night.  He has a date and is looking forward to lots of fun with his friends.  I’ll post pictures this weekend.  Sunday is a big birthday event at our house with Sidney officially becoming a teenager and Ryan turns nine.  I’m not sure how they got so old but my baby is already nine years old somehow.  Sidney has a volleyball tournament that day so we’ll celebrate with family that night then she is having a bunch of friends over in a couple of weeks for a sleepover. Her big presents were a trip to Iowa City last weekend with my dad and his wife where she was spoiled and got to attend a Hawkeyes game (she’s a big fan).  Then two days ago I took her to get her ears double pierced.  Ryan doesn’t even know what a birthday is so to him, Sunday will just be another day.  We still celebrate the blessing he is and always remain thankful for his health and another year to love on him. 

As I said I’ll post pictures this weekend.  Enjoy the beauty of today!  Love to each of you.

2 thoughts on “good week

  1. Glad you had a good, refreshing time at Branson! We love the little cabins in the woods. And you are right, the weather has been gorgeous, and I am enjoying the daily tree show. God is so good! This is a busy time for those of us who have kids (especially teenagers) to transport to activities. Enjoy it while you can…they’ll be grown up in the blink of an eye.

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