pictures say a thousand words


I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted pictures from November on the blog.  These pictures were so fun to take, and we have been thrilled with the way they all turned out.  They all speak of the love we have for each other and will be pictures we treasure for years to come.  This is honestly the very first time we attempted family pictures when I left with a smile instead of tears running down my face from frustration and the let down of not getting that “perfect” picture.  I think family pictures outside where Ryan had the freedom to walk around instead of being confined to a small space is what helped us get that perfect picture I’ve been waiting for. 

It’s snowing outside and Ryan is happily sitting at the table eating cheese watching the big flakes fall to the ground.  He is so easily entertained, and boy has he been eating a lot lately!  He’s getting a little belly which I am certain will disappear when he shoots up a few inches soon.  Trevor and Brad have been great with nothing new to report, and Sidney hurt her knee a couple of weeks ago and had an MRI done last week.  Thankfully she did not tear anything so she will go through some physical therapy and hopefully be back at full speed by her volleyball tournament in two weeks.  She has missed a week of practice and will not be able to participate in her first tournament this coming weekend but she will be just fine. 

I had a fun birthday on Friday; we went to Omaha and ate dinner at pfChangs with my best friend’s family then she and I headed to a hotel for a girls night and stayed up til 4 am talking.  I am already looking forward to spring when I can fill all my pots with colorful flowers.  I get antsy after the first of the year for the next season to come but am well aware we have a lot of cold days ahead before I’ll get my wish! 

Enjoy your day!

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