back…back…back to school again

Lots of changes coming this week! School starts for the younger three kids on Tuesday, and Brad goes back on Wednesday. Travis also leaves for a week on Wednesday; he is heading north and will be in Canada for a few days with his brother then spend a few days with Brady’s wife and kids too in beautiful Northern Idaho. We will miss him but I’m so glad he gets to go do something just for him. I will be honest and say it’s hard for Travis and me to send Ryan back to school which is nothing new. Having Michelle for his para again this year makes it much easier because we know he will be very loved and well cared for. He has been getting bored so school will be a good change. He will go for 4 1/2 hours of the day like last year. The other three aren’t thrilled about school starting up again – like every other kid – because they don’t get to sleep in anymore. But football and volleyball are here again and they will all love seeing all their friends they lost touch with over the summer. Travis and I will miss them a lot too; we cherish the days when we are all home together with nothing pressing to do. And we’ve been blessed with a lot of those days these past couple of months. It’s been a great summer!

I’d like to ask for prayer for a family who is very dear to our hearts. Penny is Travis’s cousin, and on Monday, August 19, she is giving her son, Steven, one of her kidneys in Kansas City (they live northwest of Lincoln a little ways). They have had a long journey to get to this point, but it is amazing to see how faithful God has been to get them here. Below is the link to their caringbridge site. Please take some time to read through their story and pray for them as God brings them to mind. Long story short, Steven’s kidneys have never functioned; he was born in kidney failure and was not expected to live. But here he is at almost three years old and going strong. And he is as cute as can be! It is only by God’s grace he is doing as well as he is, and I truly believe his story is meant to be told. Please pray for them. Steve and Penny have two older daughters who will also need lots of prayer. I can only imagine how difficult it will be to know their mom and brother are both in surgery at the same time. We love them all and trust Jehovah Shammah is already there, preparing the way.

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