simply spring

I hope you are all outside today enjoying the beautiful March weather! It’s getting a bit windy this afternoon but what’s new. We do live in Nebraska and wind is synonymous with Nebraska. I always laugh when people move here from other parts of the country and comment on how windy it is on the plains. The buds on the trees are making me so happy as everything is coming back to life. All this brown is getting old and I am so excited to see some color soon. I simply love spring and the changing weather although I have to say, I won’t at all be surprised if we get hit with another few inches of snow again. We definitely need it.

Well since spring is around the corner, that means golf at our house. Brad had try out every day for the past two weeks and has enjoyed every minute of it. And Trevor has decided to take up golf too. Several of his best friends are also getting into the sport so he has been out several times trying to learn as much as he can. He took golf lessons a couple years ago with his cousin but I’m not so sure he actually remembers anything. Trevor becomes a teenager on the 30th and guess what he wants for his birthday? Golf clubs! And shoes of course. I’m glad he’s found something else to do besides football since he gave up baseball this year. And it’s a fun thing he can do with Brad on summer break. Sidney has one more volleyball tournament at the end of the month then she is done with the club season. She’s done very well and was so excited to win a tournament last weekend. There are five girls who are going to form a 4v4 summer team so she will keep at the sport year round. I just love some of the girls on her team and thankfully they live close by so she can spend a lot of time with them. Ryan is well and doing his usual thing of weekly PT and OT. He seems to be enjoying his physical therapy sessions in the pool; Travis sends me videos every week since I can’t go with them. Travis has been busy picking up some extra hours at work when he can which will help with the kids’ summer camps coming up and all the clothes we need to buy them. They just don’t stop growing and nothing seems to fit from last summer since they have all had significant growth in the past few months. I don’t remember them outgrowing their clothes like this last year. I had the opportunity to speak at a MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers) on Friday and shared our journey. I enjoyed it very much and especially appreciated the memories of all the times God has been so very faithful to provide over the years. We have been so very humbled to have our needs met continually – sometimes in amazing ways. Work is good for me, and I am very much enjoying me daily morning workouts at the gym before heading to the office.

Here are a few pictures from this past week. The first three are from our fishing excursion last night and the last one is from the photo booth at the Make a Wish party we attended last weekend. Enjoy your day!





2 thoughts on “simply spring

  1. I just recently started following your blog. Our son, Adam, is 24 years old and has autism. Our daughter, Sarah, is 23. I launched my blog, Audacious Adventure, recently if you care to check it out. Two posts so far and the first one is about Adam and the second one is about our daughter. Our journeys may be a bit different, but we love and serve the same God who made all of our children in His image.

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