just another day

Tonight the kids and I went out for dinner and ate a hearty breakfast at Village Inn. I can’t even remember the last time I was there but it was the kids’ idea and since we hardly ever go out, why not. I think Brad ate enough for three people and was eating all the food no one else had room for. It was kind of funny but at 16, he’s not lacking for an appetite! And Trevor used a gift card he’s had around for a while and brought home a chocolate peanut butter cup pie that looks heavenly.

Trevor is lying on the couch telling us about the 25 Worst People in History which is really quite interesting. He is the king of random facts. Always has been, always will be. He missed school today because he caught a nasty stomach bug but seems to be feeling a little better this evening.

Brad had a light bulb moment and finally admitted that he’s figured out he needs to study for more than ten minutes to do good on his biology tests. I’ve been telling him that for how long?! He’s finally figured out at the end of his sophomore year of high school that he actually has to study now to get good grades. He’s always been able to get A’s and a couple B’s without studying much. But those days are now over and thankfully he realizes it. Some thing you just have to figure out on your own.

Sidney has been very pleasant and talkative. I’ve really enjoyed this evening with her. Now that she is 14, I’ve learned to embrace the moments when she is happy and engaging because let’s face it, she’s 14. I vividly remember what I was like at 14 and they aren’t all beautiful memories; I admit my mom and I fought a lot because I was a real brat at times. Let’s just say I’m getting payback for how I treated my mom in jr high. It’s not that bad but anyone with a teenage girl knows exactly what I’m talking about.

And Mr. Ryan had a very rough weekend. He’s been really out of it lately and just like the tide, he comes and goes with his ability to engage with us. We are used to it to some extent but I can’t say it ever get easy to accept. I’m just praying he perks up a little more before we take our Make a Wish trip in two weeks but regardless, we will have fun and enjoy every minute. It’s all about celebrating Ryan and spending time as a family, and we will succeed at that no matter how interactive and alert Ryan is.

At this stage in life, everything revolves around the kids and we like it that way. They are growing so fast we realize our time is limited and the older they get, the faster the years seem to slip away. We’ve been able to enjoy some fun dates lately and are learning to make it a priority to be together. It’s been quite the adjustment these past four months with me working normal business hours. Ever since Brad was born, we have always had jobs that were 24/7 but with law enforcement and nursing, that’s to be expected. But the blessing has always been that we’ve been able to enjoy full days at home together because we’ve worked 12 hour shifts. And we’ve never had two full time incomes with one of us either not working at all or only several hours a week. It’s been especially nice these past eight years since Trevor went to kindergarten because while the kids have been in school, we’ve had at least one or two days a week when we were home all day together. And now those days are over and we have to adjust to living like normal people who actually have to be intentional to make a date and go out. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s different and we simply aren’t used to not having lots of time alone together. We’ve been spoiled for so many years.

And now Trevor is telling us how all the disciples died. I just love that boy. He’s entertaining and full of knowledge at the same time. You’ll always learn something with him around!

Enjoy your day!

One thought on “just another day

  1. Praying.
    Been under the weather last 2 weeks or more. Praying for Ryan and the rest of your family.
    Love & Prayers,

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