sleepy boy

That's some serious morning hair! Waiting for surgery....

That’s some serious morning hair! Waiting for surgery….

Ryan slept OK last night and is very sleepy this morning. The surgeon was here at 8 and put 60 cc’s of glycerin and saline in his Chait tube (the cecostomy button). He still hasn’t pooped but has tolerated the fluid and it’s been an hour already with no results which is a lot longer than the doctor thought it would take. This is truly a guessing game trying to find the right amount of fluid to use. If we don’t have good results this morning we can’t go home today. Time will tell I guess. His tummy is doing OK with no gagging or vomiting, and he has tolerated his tube feelings which is a blessing. He won’t eat any solid food by mouth but that doesn’t surprise us.


It was nice to have my dad and stepmom here during surgery. It made the time go faster as we waited and they stuck around to see the other kids. We let Brad drive up yesterday and he did just fine. All three kids were glad to see their brother, and I’m sure if Ryan could talk he would say the same about them. It’s one thing to hear on the phone that he is OK after surgery, and a completely different thing to see with your own eyes. Then our very dear friends Joe and Candy came up and stayed with us for a few hours. They are like family and always a lot of fun.

Of course it wouldn't be normal for our family if someone wasn't goofing off!

Of course it wouldn’t be normal for our family if someone wasn’t goofing off!

Thank you so much for all your prayers and sweet notes. Once again, God has been good and we relish the blessing of his faithfulness. I’ll update again in a few hours.

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