living the busy life

Our busy season is in full swing, and we made it through our first crazy week. Travis and I have been having a blast watching the kids play football and volleyball; all three of them have really improved since last year. Brad has two full weeks of football under his belt. He hasn’t played very much in the varsity games but is a starter on JV playing center, defensive end and punter so he sees a lot of action. He’s had some really great plays and the JV team won both of their games so far. Sidney had her first triangular on Thursday (three teams playing each other) and did great. I think I mentioned earlier she hurt her back and was doing physical therapy which helped so much. With her limited practice time, she still played a lot and just did a wonderful job. She is now done with therapy and is fully back in practice and feeling really good with no back pain. They won all four matches this week which is a great way to start the season. Last night we had her team over including the parents so it was a house full, but we had a fun night and enjoyed getting to know everyone. It was really fun to watch the girls bond and hear all their screams and laughter. The whole team gets along so well and have really bonded which helps on the court too. And Trevor played so well in his first game but the score in overtime ended with 0-0 so they didn’t win – but they didn’t lose either. I’m thankful for the cooler weather as we sit through three football games every week now. And little Ryan did fabulous on Thursday as he contently sat through all three volleyball games then the second half of the varsity football game. It was over four hours of noise, but he didn’t squabble once. Travis and I were really shocked at how much he tolerated, but we don’t plan to put him through that every week. He deserves to be at home where he is comfortable and can relax as much as possible.

Monday is Ryan’s next surgery. It should be quick and easy but I’m always a little leery and anxious putting him under general anesthesia. His track record for coming out of anesthesia without any respiratory problems is 100% so hopefully he’ll keep that record going strong. The battery in his vagus nerve stimulator died so it needs to be replaced. What should have lasted at least seven years only made it three years before puttering out which is disappointing. We don’t know if there is a defect, which I doubt, but they will interrogate it in the OR to make sure everything works as it should. One of the people from the manufacturer will be in the operating room during surgery just like he was when they put it in the first time. His settings are as high as they can be so the stimulator fires for twelve hours every day – on one minute, off one minute. My guess is the battery died due to the high settings. We should be home Monday evening if everything goes well.

Otherwise things are pretty mundane right now as we live the busy life. Having 3 to 6 games every week is plenty with all of Ryan’s therapy, the kids practices, work schedules and homework. We are enjoying these years even with all the busyness they bring because soon enough the kids will be out of the house and we will be spending our nights at home with Ryan. God has been so good, and we don’t take any of His blessings for granted.

Happy fall! The weather today couldn’t be better, and I am off to make two caramel apple pies and a whole bunch of caramel apple cinnamon rolls. My sweet neighbor left a huge bag of apples from their tree at our door this morning with a brand new apple corer/peeler so he is getting some of the goodies. I think he did this just so I will bake for him 🙂

Please keep Travis’s mom in your thoughts and prayers as God brings her to mind. They have some tough decisions to make in the next two weeks as they meet with the oncologist. It’s never easy to watch a loved one walk the hard road, especially when you can’t do anything but pray and love on them. At least we can all stand strong in our faith and trust our Heavenly Father to keep her in His care in the center of His will.

Love to you all!

2 thoughts on “living the busy life

  1. Heavenly Father, forgive us of any sins and now we bring Ryan and Deanna to you. Guide the sugery tomorrow for Ryan and praying no problems with anesthesia or no respiratory trouble.. Let him have a great recovery from this surgery.
    Heal Travis Mom and let them make the right choice what to do. Give this family the peace they need and thank You for their strong faith and family. Bless them all.
    In Jesus Name Amen.

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