Surgery update

Ryan was scheduled to have his vagus nerve stimulator battery replaced at 1:00 today, but the surgeon was running late. He ended up going back at 2:30 and thankfully after interrogating the unit, the battery was dead but everything else was working just fine. He is now in recovery, and Travis just went back to be with him. We are thankful everything went smoothly and hope to be out of here in the next two hours. Thank you for your prayers!

The Lord has blessed us with every surgery as Ryan has come through the anesthesia with no problems. Now we just need to continue to pray he does not develop another ileus which he has already had three times after surgery. Travis has mandatory training all day tomorrow so I will be home with him, and we will spend lots of time resting. Again, thank you for your prayers. I’m sure Ryan will be very sore for a few days, but he is a strong little man and I know he will heal quickly.

2 thoughts on “Surgery update

  1. Kim , sorry I am late getting on this. Been praying for Ryan but got news from my friends in FL that Bob who didn’t want to go see a Dr. Finally had to and he has a large tumor in his right lung. He lost lots of weight and not eating before all this was find and back hurting badly. Praying for healing but strength for Susan his wife. So been some phone calls there.
    How is Ryan doing this week now? Praying for his recovery to go well.
    ” This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Ps. 118:24
    Love & Prayers,

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