tummy trouble

These past two weeks have been busy and now here come the holidays right around the corner!  Last week my sister and her husband had the chance to go to Florida so I stayed with their girls for five days.  They are sweet kids, and I loved every minute with them.  But trying to maintain two homes – thankfully only about 8 blocks apart-  and seven kids and three dogs was harder than I thought it would be with Travis working 30 hrs in 2 1/2 days. Yep, trying to grab some extra pay when he can!  It all worked out as I knew it would and most importantly, my sister and brother in law had a wonderful time away.  And now we are springing right into Thanksgiving which I love.  It’s time to cook and bake, and I especially love to have the big meal in my home.  This weekend you’ll find me making peanut butter balls and lots of them.  OK, so those are usually for Christmas at my house, but my brother and sister in law and their kids are coming from Idaho for the holiday and I’m baking for them because they simply love peanut butter balls.  Now if I can just keep the kids from eating them all…..We’ll have a wonderful time with all the cousins together, and I can’t wait for them to get here!

Unfortunately Ryan isn’t doing so hot this week.  He’s only thrown up twice in the past few days but now he is gagging a lot and sleeping more than usual which is not a good sign.  I’m certain his stomach is not digesting as it should – again.  Hopefully we can stay away from the hospital but honestly if he keeps this up that’s exactly where we will be before the weekend ends.  Please pray with us that this passes quickly so we can remain at home and enjoy getting ready for our cousins to come play.

Otherwise things are just fine around these parts.  We’ve got cold and snow and happy kids and all the normal stuff that belongs to this time of year.  Much love to you all!

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