falling into Fall

It has been far too long since I have updated! Life here is good, and we are now slowing down with sports over for the season. We are falling into Fall, enjoying the cooler weather,  and looking forward to the upcoming holidays.

Brad just finished his senior football season, and it was bittersweet to watch it end. He had fun, played well and is already thinking about golf season. His class load is pretty easy right now which is nice and one of the perks of being a senior.

Sidney is done with volleyball and turned 16 two weeks ago.  She loves her new independence and started a job at HyVee where Brad works.   Club volleyball is not going to keep us busy this spring as she decided not to play. She said she wants to work and have a social life which makes perfect sense to me. It’s absolutely her decision.

Trevor is enjoying his freshman year and keeps very busy with student council and all his friends. He’s has been having lots of problems with lightheadedness and dizziness so we put him on a heart monitor for two weeks which was negative thankfully and now we are going to take him to an ENT to see if it is vestibular with his ears. I pray we get to the bottom of this soon because I know the symptoms are driving him nuts.

Ryan has been doing well too. He has adjusted nicely to his school schedule, and Travis does such a great job taking care of him during the day! He is actually in surgery right now having his cecostomy tube changed out and dental work done. It is an easy surgery so I anticipate we will be heading home in a few hours.

I will post again soon and am going to try to do a better job of staying on top of this blog. I will tell you with three kids in high school life has been so busy that sometimes all I can remember to do is come up for air. Travis and I are doing well and are just enjoying this season of life with teenagers.

Much love to you all!

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