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Here are a few of the family pictures we had taken two weeks ago.  There will be more to come but we have not seen them yet.  The third one makes me laugh because it is the perfect picture of our crazy family; the last one of the kids is my absolute favorite.  Ryan was a stinker the whole time and refused to look at the camera. We did everything from clapping to stomping our feet to calling his name to making funny noises and dancing around.  It was like he knew we were trying to get him to look at Taylor and instead he decided to be obstinate and do the exact opposite of what we asked.  At least he was patient and sat through a 1 1/2 hour photo session.

Well, we did it.  We officially sent our oldest off to college.  As expected, it was a day of excitement and tears although the tears stayed at bay until it was time to say goodbye.  Thankfully Brad and Travis are both so much alike, very laid back and love to goof off, so organizing his room went well because I pretty much dictated what went where and they just rolled with the punches.  I think they both knew not to mess with an emotionally unstable mom who was not ready to leave her boy behind. It sounds silly and trivial, but I just needed to know he was settled and organized and had everything he would need. It really was a fun day watching all the kids move into the dorms.  Travis and I are both very excited for Brad’s new adventure and all the new friendships he will make.  We both had great experiences in college and know he will as well.  The hardest part was saying goodbye because Brad started crying which I should have known would happen.  I love how close we are to each of our kids, and it is nice to know we will be missed! I cannot wait to hear about his first few days as I am sure he is exploring the campus and making new friends.  These are exciting years that propel our children into a new season of independence.

This morning I opened my Bible and prayed Psalm 91 over him which I do often for all four kids.  One of my very favorite verses is Psalm 91:4 – He will cover you with his feathers and under his wing will you take refuge.  His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.  

The other three kids are doing great.  One of Trevor’s best friends turned 16 today, and the two of them went to Sonic after school.  It was fun to see Trevor’s excitement over being able to – finally – be out and about independently with his friends.  It is a new stage, and I know this will be an exciting year for him as he gains a new level of independence.  Sidney is crazy busy with school as she is taking a full load plus three e-learning classes this semester.  She is one determined young lady cramming all these classes in so she can graduate in the spring.  I am amazed at her internal drive to meet her goal.

Ryan is doing OK and heads back into the hospital on Monday to start the Ketogenic diet and wean off one of his seizure medications. I will keep you all updated and would appreciate your prayers while he is inpatient.  We think he will be hospitalized for 3-5 days depending on how quickly his body stabilizes from all the changes.

This is quite the season of change, but it is exciting to watch our children grow up.  The Lord has really blessed us, and we are relishing the young men and woman they are becoming.  I cannot wait to see what this new school year brings!

One thought on “pictures & college

  1. What a beautiful family you are raising in the name of the LORD! And it is so much fun to see how close you all are to one another. You have definitely raised a caring and compassionate family and setting such a good example to so many who are watching what it is like to be a God-fearing family. Keeping Ryan and all of you covered in prayer asking the Lord for strength for your days. Pat & Larry

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