december already

The holidays are upon us, it is December already, and in another week the oldest will be home for a month.  This time of year passes so quickly; it is often hard to stop and grasp the significance of the season and give it the time and attention it deserves.  Just last week in our Masterpiece Sunday School class we discussed the account of Christ’s birth.  One of the class attendees said Christmas is about Jesus’ birthday while another said it is about His death and resurrection.  Both were right; Christmas is so much more than just celebrating Jesus’ birth.  More importantly, it is about celebrating the hope of eternity we all have because he came.

Life has been busy around here just as it has been for all of you, I am sure.  I had the opportunity to fly to DC to see my older sister on Veteran’s Day.  We spent two days in NYC which was fun as I had not been to the city before, and I truly enjoyed four days with my sister.  Just ten days later on Thanksgiving morning, Travis and I flew to San Francisco for four days. The kids stayed home by themselves and did absolutely great.  Ryan is so much work, but they all pitched in and took excellent care of him. I am so proud of those older three because taking care of Ryan is time consuming and can be overwhelming, but they did it without complaint!  He needs constant supervision, and his seizures can be so stressful on top of all his medications and feeding pump and diapers and baths and everything else that is required to care for him.  Travis and I were able to have a great time in the Bay area and enjoyed the time away,and I got to cross this trip off my bucket list.  My sister was gracious to have the kids over for Thanksgiving which worked out well, especially considering she lives in our neighborhood so the kids did not have to go far.  And best of all, they had a great day together.

Brad loves college and has been blessed with an amazing group of friends.  He is doing so well which makes me happy as a mom to see my oldest thriving and enjoying this transition to adulthood.  He is dating a girl who is simply beautiful – both inside and out.  It has been a blessing to get to know her just a bit, and we are looking forward to seeing her more over Christmas break.  I pray Psalm 91 over my kids all the time, and it is comforting to see the Lord’s protection and provision over Brad as he transitions out of our home and down his own path.

Sidney is plugging away at school and is the rock star student managing a full schedule plus three online classes so she can graduate a year early.  Some days I simply cannot figure out where she gets her energy; her drive and determination are commendable. She is accepted to UNL and is now spending a good amount of time working on scholarships as she tries to meet her goal of going to school for free.  Knowing her, she will figure out how to meet that one too!

Trevor is also doing well and is at that age when we hardly ever see him.  He is a great kid and is doing well with quite a busy social life.  Trevor turns sixteen in three short months, and I have to say I have never been more excited for one of the kids to get his license!  The older they all get, the more I realize what a convenience it is when they can drive themselves all over town.  Thankfully most of his best friends have already gotten their licenses which has been nice as he has been able to gain a lot of independence.

And then there is Ryan who keeps us on our toes at all times.  His seizures are still as out of control as ever which is nothing new.  I took him to see a urologist this past week as Ryan often goes 12 to 18 hours without urinating then when he does go, it is a flood.  I have suspected for some time that he is developing a neurogenic bladder since he has a neurogenic bowel and is unable to stool without his cecostomy.  The doctor said he agrees he is likely on the way to losing his ability to urinate which means we will have to cath him several times a day.  For now, we are waiting to find out the results of the ultrasound of his kidneys to see if there is any damage yet.  If not, we will keep an eye on his bladder function and as long as he is not getting bladder infections, we will keep moving along until his body says it needs help.  I have said for quite some time Ryan is losing strength and is slowly declining in his overall health; this appears to be the next thing.  We continue to thank God for every day we have a happy, relatively healthy boy as we recognize he could be so much worse.  We continue to face a new normal with each change, but God has been faithful to meet us at every turn.  I have to say, Ryan has taught me so much about living each day with joy despite my circumstances.  I love these verses – I Thessalonians 5:16-18 – and try to live each day in such a manner….Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Every day is a gift.  And honestly some are just easier than others.  Some seasons of life are much easier than others.  No matter what you are facing, God is so much bigger than your circumstances.  He is faithful, He is sovereign, He is simply enough.  I hope each one of you finds the joy of salvation this Christmas season and understands the hope of eternity that is only possible because Jesus came.

Luke 2:11, 14 – Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord…..Glory to God in the highest heaven and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.

Much love to you all!

One thought on “december already

  1. So, so beautiful, my sweet friend. It’s wonderful to hear your family update and encouragement in the Lord.
    Merry Christmas❤️

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