sun on my face & sand in my toes

This is where I am spending my week…..relaxing in the sun, listening to the waves crash and spending time with my sweet friend Becky in Panama City Beach, Florida.

We are having the best time laughing, sharing our lives and simply having a much needed break from real life.  It’s so peaceful, and I really am not ready to head back home tomorrow to be honest.  So for today I’m going to enjoy spending time with my friend, take in every sight and sound and be grateful for this opportunity to get away and relax. The weather has been gorgeous too!

Shopping at Pier Park on the beach, going out to eat, sight seeing….

The water is just crystal clear and every morning we sit on the deck eating breakfast and watch for sea life.  So far we’ve seen lots of schools of fish, stingrays, jelly fish, and about 16 dolphins.  Below is a picture of some of the dolphins we saw from our balcony yesterday morning.

And at the end the day, we get to watch beautiful sunsets like this.  God’s canvas is amazing!

Tomorrow we are parasailing in the morning then I’ll soak up as much sun as I can before it’s time to come home and face the music.  For today I’m going to pretend real life doesn’t exist and enjoy the peace and quiet of the beach!

One thought on “sun on my face & sand in my toes

  1. Now you know why I always fall so in love with the beaches. So much peace and beauty there. I am just so super excited for you that you got to do this trip. You so deserved it. Enjoy the rest of your time there. Have safe travels home to your beautiful family. 🙂 Take care my friend. One day when I reside on my beach front home you and your family had better come and visit me.

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