time away

On Monday morning, my sweet friend Becky and I will be leaving to spend five days in Panama City Beach, Florida, doing absolutely nothing but relaxing and soaking up the sun.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to escape from real life for a while and get away to rejuvenate and have a change of heart.  I can’t wait to relax on this deck with a good book and wake up to these beautiful views.

Thankfully I am married to a wonderful man who can totally survive without me.  He cooks, cleans, shops, does laundry, keeps the kids coming and going and does it all with a great attitude and willing heart.  I’m so blessed!  Please pray things go smoothly for Travis and the kids; I have no doubt they will be just fine.

Otherwise things are pretty much the same around here except we are now adding Sidney’s volleyball games to our already busy Sunday afternoons.  For the next three weeks we will have three games in one day (both boys in football and Sidney in volleyball) which we did last year too; it’s crazy but I know these days will be gone some day so we enjoy them while we can.  It gets rather difficult with Ryan when we don’t have anyone to watch him because he doesn’t handle the games very well, but somehow it always works out.  We have someone new starting respite so at least we have more options for child care although weekends are usually difficult to cover because people are so busy.

I’m hoping my time away from the real world for five days does my heart and mind some good.  Oh Florida…..I can’t wait to see you.

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