sick boy

Update: we are not going home today because the doctor wants to proceed very slowly with feedings as his bowels are very quiet and his chances of throwing everything up are high. Hopefully tomorrow…

Ryan was admitted to Children’s Hospital last night for dehydration and weakness. He’s had a stomach bug since Friday and couldn’t keep anything down; plus he was dry heaving a lot. He’s had a lot of IV fluids, and looks much better today. His labs and xrays all looked good so it appears he just has a nasty virus that really got him down. We should go home this afternoon if he can keep fluids down. Travis is home with the older kids, and everyone there is fine. Sidney is home again today with a milder case of this same bug Ryan has. We are disappointed to miss Ryan’s appointment with the surgeon today, but we need to get him healthy.

One thought on “sick boy

  1. hope he gets to feeling better. It is tough having sick ones. We will be praying for him and the rest of your family so they don’t get this nasty bug.
    Milt and Janet

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