rest and wait

Ryan has an ileus which means a portion of his small intestine is not moving. It’s sort if like a bowel obstruction except there is gas and dilated bowel instead if an obstruction if that makes any sense. We treat it with rest and wait for it to wake up and start moving again. He has had nothing to eat or drink for over 24 hrs except he did keep his meds down last night and this morning but they were given with only one ounce of water. He is now hydrated and peeing so much they have turned his fluids down to a maintenance dose. We just gave him an ounce of Pedialyte through his feeding tube and if he can keep that down we’ll try again in 30 minutes and keep trying to give oral fluids in small amounts. Travis and the kids are coming up this evening and I’m going to get out of here with the older kids for a while since I’m stuck here all day. Please pray his bowels start working and he keeps fluids down. I want to get home soon but also don’t want to leave until I know it’s safe for Ryan to do so.

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