lots of sleep but still no eat

That’s right.  Lots of sleep to the tune of a 5 1/2 hr nap yesterday morning then another 2 hrs in the afternoon.  And now he is back down for another nap today.  So while he is doing a good job of catching up on sleep, he is still not eating or drinking.  His last drink or handful of Cheerios was Sunday, I believe.  He refuses anything oral so thank God for that g tube so we can get formula and water in him somehow.  He has not thrown up since he’s been home and is very happy and noisy although he’s not overly active.  He still hasn’t pooped either so it’s been since Saturday now.  I’ve given him meds to help that along and granted, he hasn’t eaten for close to a week, but xray shows there is stuff to move on out.  I know, too much information for some of you!

Here are a couple of pics from the hospital I haven’t bothered to download until now.  The first one is right after we got there, and the second one is from day two in the net bed.  I just thought it was so cute how he was laying with his legs tucked under him like a little baby.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get 5 to 8 inches of snow but trying to forecast that around here is not always accurate as everyone knows. So we’ll see.  The kids, of course, are thrilled to get snow, and I guess it’s time since we have been so blessed to make it this long without any snow or ice.  And tomorrow night is Brad’s big party with the official count at sixteen 8th graders I think.  It will be fun (for the kids!) because all they are going to do is watch football, goof off and eat way too much food.  Same thing they always do! Sidney and Trevor are going to Travis’s parents house to spend the night, and I’m sure they will have lots of fun.  They are going to make and frost sugar cookies, play games.  They always have a great time over there. Otherwise we don’t have any big plans around here except to get Ryan healthy and think about doing some shopping since I don’t have one present to put under the tree.  I’m usually much farther along with that stuff but at least we have the tree up and the house decorated.

Tonight everyone is going in different directions with the usual weekend sleepover stuff, and they all have plans.  Travis is going to work at the airport tonight (or as I call it, social time to catch up with friends there), and I’ll be home with the little guy cleaning, paying bills, laundry, all that fun adult stuff we get to do.

Happy snow to you all!

One thought on “lots of sleep but still no eat

  1. Ahh Poor little guy,you can see he was not feeling good. He looks so much like his big sissy. Glad Ryan is getting much needed sleep. I hope he will soon be able to get back to himself. Happy B-day Brad! Enjoy your time with friends.

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