home sweet home

Ryan and I are home and now I can update from the computer and not my phone which makes it much faster and easier to type!  Ryan was seen Wednesday for pink eye and by Friday started throwing up.  He was sick through the weekend, and on Sunday night we contemplated taking him to the ER for fluids but decided to wait it out and see if he turned around Monday.  It became obvious Monday morning he wasn’t getting better and instead was very weak and lethargic, so I took him to our pediatrician who wanted him admitted in Omaha instead of Lincoln due to Ryan’s extensive history and the fact Children’s can handle special needs kids much better than the small peds unit here.  So off he and I went.  He got a huge IV fluid bolus, labs and x-rays done right away then it was on to a lot of nothing.  Anyone who has spent any amount of time in the hospital knows it’s a lot of sitting and waiting for results, time to pass, improvements, doctors to round.  The radiology report came back Tuesday morning and said Ryan has an ileus which is basically a portion of the small intestine that isn’t moving.  Because he was dehydrated and his electrolytes were off, his bowel decided not to move which is why he threw all his fluids up 15-20 minutes after he drank or had a tube feeding.  He was also dry heaving a lot which I’m sure made him very uncomfortable.  So with bowel rest and a whole bunch of IV fluids, Ryan was soon looking pinker and perked up although he didn’t hanlde the increased fluids Tuesday and threw up again so we had to proceed very slowly. He peed so much yesterday we changed his sheets at least six or seven times because his diapers couldn’t hold all the fluids he was passing…..and we were changing his diapers every hour!  This morning it was obvious Ryan was back to his normal happy, loud self. His bowel sounds were still hypoactive but not as quiet as Monday and Tuesday.  The doctors said in rounds this morning they wanted him on his three cans of formula a day and whole food too before he could leave, but at noon the hospitalist came in and said as long as he kept his 8 ounce can of Pediasure down for two hours, he could go home today.  He and I are both very happy to be home, and I am especially glad to sleep in my own bed tonight instead of the hard bench and flimsy mattress they call a bed.  Everyone knows you don’t go to a hospital to sleep or relax and I didn’t get a lot of either.  I’m keeping Ryan home for the next two days to make sure he gets back to his normal self, plus he is still weak from not walking or eating solids for three days so he will need some time to rest and recuperate.  He still has not eaten anything so I’ll try to slowly introduce solids maybe tomorrow and see how he does but I don’t want to go backwards and end up back in the hospital.

Unfortunately we missed our appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday, and Ryan was supposed to be fitted for a wheelchair tomorrow at Madonna but I cancelled that as well.  Otherwise everyone is well.  Brad has a band concert tomorrow night then Saturday is his 14th birthday party with his best friend, Nathan.  They are having a Big 10 football party with about fifteen of their closest friends.  I’m sure it will be loud and obnoxious here but they will have fun.  Nathan’s parents, whom we are friends with, will also be here so we’ll watch the game and keep the kids in line.   Brad’s actual birthday is Sunday so I’m sure we’ll go out to eat after church wherever he wants to go.

Sidney and Trevor are doing well and nothing is really new for them right now.  Travis enjoys his job and now has his own cases; he really likes the flexibility this job offers and that he can work from home a lot of the time.

Thanks for all the sweet messages some of you have sent on fb and for the prayers.  They are all very much appreciated!

One thought on “home sweet home

  1. Glad to hear Ryan is on the road to recovery and your both home in your own beds. Happy Birthday to Brad. Have a great rest of the week/end. take care.

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