it’s Christmas time!

The angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come on you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God. ~ Luke 1:35

Everyone is getting very excited for Christmas around here. We have deeply rooted traditions the kids look forward to every year, and more importantly we get to spend lot of time with family this weekend and also over New Year’s. But most important of all is that we recognize why we even celebrate this holiday that is overly commercialized. It’s because we believe in Jesus, the one who came to give us eternal life, to save us from ourselves and give us hope for eternity and a life filled with joy in spite of our circumstances.

Brad is starting to look so old! Christmas is his absolute favorite holiday and he really gets into the baking (more adequately the eating!), decorations, music. He’s starting to think about what he’s going to get involved in next year in high school (it’s time to start thinking about it), and he’s also starting basketball in a couple weeks.

Trevor is at the stage that he is “over” elementary school, bored and ready to move on to jr high.  He and his friend Logan were out shooting hoop at the nieghbor’s today in this beautiful weather. The kids are sure enjoying the warmer than usual temps and take every opportunity they can to be outside while it lasts.

Sidney starts club volleyball in two weeks and has already been to a few pre season practices that have “kicked my butt” as she says. She loves it though and is looking forward to her season. She will be very busy after the holidays are over with practice three times a week and nine tournaments coming up. A very dedicated and scheduled person, she will do just fine keeping her priorities straight. Ryan is doing well and is having a lull in his seizures. He goes through these periods every once in a while and we enjoy these times while they last.  Of course I say that and tonight he is having non stop seizures.  Sigh…. His wheelchair will be ordered Thursday and we see the surgeon in two weeks.

This is not the best picture of Travis and me, but it works for today. My silly husband was making all kinds of quirky faces and after my failed attempts of saying “can’t you just be serious for one minute, please? I’m trying to get a picture of us!”, he kissed me on the cheek and I called it good. After all these years I’m still so thankful to be madly in love with my boy.

~ happy holidays to you all ~

3 thoughts on “it’s Christmas time!

  1. Awesome pics, and no goofy grin for Trav! Thanks for honoring God’s Word in your life and posts~
    Love you and see you all Sunday,

  2. Great pics. love the last one. Travis, you make me laugh. I’m loving this weather to and hope in lasts for most of the winter. Only one can wish. right? Happy Holiday’s to you and yours.

  3. Kim – I still thoroughly enjoy your posts and keeping up with your family. I am glad that everyone is doing well and looking forward to the holidays. May this holiday season be blessed and full of memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. Sending warm wishes to you this holiday season….

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