~ merry christmas ~

Merry Christmas! We wish you all a beautiful holiday weekend and hope you are able to enjoy time with family and friends.  This evening we stayed home while Travis’s parents came over for our yearly tradition of fondu, opening presents, eggnog, reading The Night Before Christmas (Travis received the book in 1972 from one of his great aunts), games.  Earlier in the afternoon we took some family pictures, and thankfully Ryan did pretty well for them; we never know if he’ll cooperate or not.  Unfortunately he ended up having a very rough night with constant seizures.  Even after giving him 4 mg of Ativan through his feeding tube (which would knock an adult 0ut but didn’t even make him fall asleep because he gets it so much) the seizures persisted.  He is now in bed, and Travis and I are praying the seizures stop; we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on him tonight.  It’s always scary when he carries on like this and it added a level of stress we would rather have not dealt with on Christmas Eve.  But like every other day, his seizures come and go as they please and unfortunately this has become our normal.  Grandpa kept a watchful eye on Ryan all evening.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better because we certainly have a full day planned.  Much love to you all!  Happy holidays!

One thought on “~ merry christmas ~

  1. Merry Christmas Kim,Travis,and family. I really just love,love,love that family photo. The kids sure are growing up fast. I will keep Ryan in my thoughts and prayers. It still does not feel like Christmas to me. Maybe its the lack of snow but that is perfectly fine by me. Much love always, Darlene

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