new year, new perspective

Well, we all did it.  We made it to 2012.  Happy New Year everyone!  I suppose I’m doing the same as most of you are or have done in the past couple days or weeks….thought about the new year and what that means to you.  To some people it’s simply another day with a different number to put at the end of the year when you write the date.  To others it’s a time to be introspective, take a deep look at the past year, decifer what went well, what didn’t, what is going to change in the months to come, what works and what doesn’t.  Some people are hoping for a fresh, new start while others want to hold on to the blessings and prosperity they have been given.  I can’t decide where I stand on the issue to be honest.  I can say 2011, for me, has been a real mixed bag of emotions ranging from rejoicing to sadness to regret to thankfulness.  And I’m not sure what to think about 2012.  I know it’s not starting off with a bang but I’m hopeful good things are to come.  Of course all I think about right now is that the kids have one more week to sleep in, stay up late and hang out with their friends at all hours of the day which is good; they’ve had a great ten days off so far and don’t go back until Monday the 9th.  And Tuesday we go to Omaha to see the surgeon again before his next brain surgery is scheduled and find out exactly what to expect. But it has to be done…Ryan’s quality of life, that’s what we are focusing on.  And this is the end of the road as far as interventions we have to stop his seizures.  One last surgery then we are done and the future is in God’s hands.  The future has always been in His hands, but this is the last thing we can do.

A new year and a new perspective.  That’s what I want.  And I pray each of you reading this blog has a very blessed,  joyful year ahead.  No matter what the next 365 days bring, I pray you all have a positive perspective on the situations you face. Learn to find joy even when happiness escapes you and your circumstances are not as you hoped they would be. Celebrate family and friends. Focus on all the good things you encounter instead of focusing on the bad. Laugh often. Focus on the future and not the past. Play daily. Stand up for what and whom you believe in. Work hard. Never quit on your dreams but do everything you can to make them come true. Remember no one can change your attitude but you. Learn a new skill or hobby.  Live without regrets. Trust the only true Savior. Get healthy. Cherish every single day.  And most importantly, never give up.

Happy new year to all our dear family and friends.  You are loved!

4 thoughts on “new year, new perspective

  1. What wonderful advice and great perspective! Happy New Years to all of you too! Hope this last surgery for Ryan is the miracle we are all praying for.

  2. What wonderful advice and a great post indeed. Here is to a happy and healthy new year to your family as well. I will be keeping Ryan and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Happy New Year ro you all. Pray daily for Ryan and I have moved and ask Betsy for your caringbridge address and she said you use this now. Pray I got sign up ok with new e-mail address and all.
    When is Ryan surgery?
    I read your brog from Betsy on peace and truly only God can give that to us. World peace is different than God’s peace, but we have to ask and claim it in daily.
    God Bless each one of you.
    Love & Prayers,

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