I’m getting tired of talking about surgery all the time!  But it’s what consumes our lives right now unfortunately.  Travis has to be at Lincoln Surgical on Thursday at 8:45 so hopefully we’ll be back home by early afternoon.  This is not a lengthy, difficult procedure and the pre and post op are going to take the most time.  Then in the afternoon I have to take Ryan for his pre op appt to have labs drawn and all that paperwork.  Saturday I will be in Omaha all day for Sidney’s volleyball tournament then my sister is flying in from Philly so hopefully the rest of the weekend will be filled with fun with my family.  Monday Ryan’s surgery is still scheduled for 1:00 but I am waiting to hear if they were able to move it to7:30 like they hoped.  

I can’t say thank you enough to those who are helping us out.  Lisa – for your generous heart taking the older two kids back and forth to school every day.  Our church – First Free – for the meals coming on Wed, Thurs and Fri.  Amanda  – for the two meals you gave us a couple of weeks ago.  We’re eating the lasagna tonight.  I love your sweet, giving spirit.  Travis’s mom – thank you for cutting into your work day to take Trevor and Ryan to school this week.  You allow me to get more than five hours of sleep between shifts with your selflessness.  Brady, CeCe, Tim and Candace – for the boxes.  You warmed our hearts.  Thank you. My dad and Donna – for being so willing to drop everything and come.  I’m looking forward to having you at my side this weekend and for Ryan’s surgery Monday.  My sisters – I love you both so much and couldn’t walk this journey without your patience and love.  Shell – for always being there when I need to blab.  There are so many who have asked what they can do to help out.  I am overwhelmed with your generosity and concern.  I will keep you all updated and appreciate prayers for both Travis and Ryan during surgery and recovery.  And please keep our sweet kids in your prayers because they are very concerned and stressed. 

I can’t wait to be down the road a bit so we can be on the other side of this doing the giving and not the receiving.  Love you all!

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