Sorry this will be short but I’ve been awake for over 25 hrs and am very tired.  Travis saw the surgeon yesterday and will be on the schedule for surgery on Thursday.  We don’t know what time yet because our appt was so late yesterday they couldn’t get it set up with the surgery center we are going to.  The good news is the doctor said he can start weight bearing next week and will only be on crutches for a few weeks but will need physical therapy eventually.  It has been and continues to be a very stressful week but we are managing.  Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.  Love to you all!

2 thoughts on “surgery

  1. McClintick family – We are sorry that life has thrown you another curve ball. We are thinking about you and praying that all goes well with the upcoming surgeries. I hope that with time, you can look back on this week and be really proud of all of the things that your family has endured. You are surrounded by friends and family who love you so be sure to lean on them as much as you need. We would be happy to help if there is anything that would ease your load.

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