all is well

Thumbs up!  A little drugged but doing well post op.

Travis is doing alright this evening.  We got to the surgical center at 8 am and he headed back to surgery just after 9:30.  They didn’t put him under general anesthesia which was nice because he had a much shorter recovery period.  He has a nerve block to his lower right leg which hasn’t worn off yet thankfully. The doctor put him on some very strong pain meds so we’ll see how he’s doing in the morning.  Hopefully he will get some sleep tonight.  He has a walking boot and can start partial weight-bearing in a few days.  I saw the post op x-ray and the screw in his metatarsal is almost two inches long so the break should be very stable.  We got home before noon and Travis has been resting on the couch; he’s in good spirits.

I took Ryan for his pre op appointment after school which he did not enjoy at all.  Our routine is to go home after school so he was less than pleased when I dropped Trevor off  in the driveway then didn’t get him out too (big mistake on my part!).  He threw a complete fit in the doctor’s office but at least we got his blood drawn, and he is happy now. 

Ryan’s surgery is still scheduled for 1:00 Monday, and we have to be there at 11:30.  It might be a very interesting day with him not being able to eat or drink but hopefully he’ll do better than I am anticipating.  We reserved a room/apartment at the transplant center which ends up being a huge blessing since Travis can’t drive right now.  It will give us a place to go shower and just get away for some peace and quiet when we need it.  We’ll probably take turns at night staying with Ryan which is what we usually do and it works well so one of us gets a good night sleep. 

We have a busy weekend ahead.  Friday night we were all suppose to go to a hockey game which was a Christmas present but Sidney has to be in Omaha at 8 am Saturday for a volleyball tournament so she needs a good night sleep, and now with Travis having surgery he can’t go.  Instead Lindsey (respite) is going to take the boys and two friends.  Saturday Sidney and I will go to Omaha for the day then my older sister flies in from Philly in the afternoon.  We are praying the snow is done by then so she doesn’t have any problems getting to Omaha.  Saturday evening my sisters and I will go out then Sunday my dad and his wife will come down and we’ll all watch the game together.  It will be a busy weekend, especially trying to keep Travis comfortable.  He doesn’t do well sitting around and I’ve already yelled at him this afternoon for cleaning the bathroom. 

I’ll update again Monday when we get to the hospital.  Thanks for your continued prayers.  We have been very blessed with your cards, calls, emails, messages, food, etc.  This journey has been so much more tolerable with wonderful people walking the road with us.  Much love to you all!

3 thoughts on “all is well

  1. Kim and Travis,

    Thankful that Travis’s surgery went well this morning and he is at home resting. Well, cleaning the bathroom does not sound like he is “resting” very well. Travis, you behave now!! We will be praying for all of you this weekend and especially for Ryan on Monday.

    God Bless and Keep you all in His care!

  2. Travis.. heck you can come clean my bathroom.. I never turn down a house keeper.. Kidding.. you need to listen to Kim.
    Kim and Travis, you guys are awesome parents, you kids are so awesome.. Let me know the time that Sunday. love ya’ll candy

  3. Praying for Ryan as he goes in for surgery tomorrow.
    My prayer is for your son is: Heavnely Father, forgive us of all our sins and we pray the blood of Jesus over us all. Guide the Dr’s hands tomorrow and give him the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to know just where to go to stop the seizures from Ryan and we pray all this will come out great and no more siezures. Your word says, “I Am the Lord who heals you.” Ex. 15:26c ( I think.) ” Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world” 1 John 4:4c ” Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice” Phil 4:4 In Jesus nmae we pray this in. Amen.

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