rough time for Travis

Yesterday we got a foot of snow – at least – and somehow my older sister was still able to fly in to Omaha and drive down to Lincoln. It’s nice to have her here.  Last night both of my sisters and I went out to eat then spent the evening buying junk food for our football party tonight then played lots of Nerts.  It’s nice to have my dad and his wife here now too although I’m not in much of a social mood tonight. 

Travis is having a rough weekend unfortunately.  His pain isn’t bad, but he is struggling with a possible virus.  He keeps getting hot and cold, light-headed and has periods of sweating.  Please pray he isn’t getting sick. It’s very hard to tell if it’s an actual physical illness or if he is simply stressed.  I personally think his body is worn down from surgery on Thursday and the stress of Ryan’s surgery tomorrow on top of not being able to help out around the house all week as I’ve been running around like a crazy woman trying to get things done and organized is really hard on him.  Please pray for his health.  He needs to be healthy and feel good; I need him with me at the hospital.  And he needs to be there for Ryan too.

There is so much stress at our house.  The kids feel it too and are very scared.  Lord knows they’ve been through this before; we all have.  But it’s never easy and no matter what anyone says or does, the pain of putting Ryan through this just simply doesn’t go away.  I know the older kids will all be OK but I worry about them. 

The plan for tomorrow is to get the kids off to school then Travis, Ryan, my dad, his wife and I are heading up to Omaha together.   I simply can’t get both Travis and Ryan plus all our bags up there by myself.  We will head to pre op at 11:30 then surgery is supposed to start at 1:00 so hopefully we’ll be able to get in on time.  I am going to wake up at 3 am to give Ryan one more tube feeding and his seizure meds since he has to go so long during the day with nothing to eat or drink. 

I’ll update again once things get rolling and Ryan heads back.  His surgery is supposed to last about 4 hrs and I promise to keep you updated.  Please pray for the surgeon and his team and also for Travis.  He needs healing.  I know God is going before us preparing the way, but that doesn’t make this journey easy.  It simply gives me peace. 

Thank you for your continued love and prayers.

5 thoughts on “rough time for Travis

  1. Dear Kim,Travis and Family, I have been following you and pray every day for Precious Ryan and each of you. God is so good!!!! I wish I were in NE to help you. My love and prayers are with you. I will have your name on my board at school (I teach) as I lift you up to our Loving Heavenly Father. Love you guys in the Lord!

  2. I’ll be praying for everyone.. and especially for you, Kim, to get through this next 48 hours. What wonderful support Ryan has for this journey! He’s such a trooper! I pray for success and blessings too!

  3. Praying for Travis healing and also for the stress to leave and God’s peace to come on each one of you. ” Peace I leave with you , My peace I give to you, not as the world giveth unto you let not your heart trouble, neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27
    Praying for Ryan and Travis and all of you.

  4. Praying like crazy for your dear family this morning. Although the journey is not easy, God will remain faithful and will stay by your side. Praying that you will feel, know, and experience God’s incredible presence today as you face Ryan’s surgery. Know that many prayers from faithful followers are being taken to the Throne of Grace, God hears and answers each one.

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