In surgery

We got a call this morning that there was a cancellation so we came up earlier than expected. My dad and Donna got our stuff settled while we went to pre op. Ryan is now in surgery but they are doing all the pre op stuff now – starting two IVs, drawing blood, starting an ART line, putting in a catheter. They are hoping to start surgery around 12:30 and should be done in 3 or 4 hrs before he will go to post op. The surgeon said Ryan will probably act stunned and very tired for a day or two. He will be in the ICU for a day or two then on the regular peds floor for a day or two. Thanks for your continued prayers. I’ll update in a couple hours.

4 thoughts on “In surgery

  1. Praying Kim, and O, this is Lorri Goode, only had my username last comment. Glad you got in a little earlier this morning. Glad for the updates so that we can pray specifically.

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