Post op day one

Ryan slept on and off through the night. He does not appear to be in much pain thankfully but is very dazed and out of it. The surgeon said he may be stunned for a day or two so we kind of expected this. Last night he threw up his meds but he always has problems with that after surgery. His vitals are stable but this morning he Has a fever so he just got some Tylenol. It sounds like he may be moving to a regular peds bed today which means less monitors and lines to deal with. As much as we love the nurses in the PICU, it’s always nice not to have so many interruptions when we are trying to sleep, especially for Ryan. He is still pretty shaky and I’ve seen several seizures this morning but nothing big and continuous. I’m hoping he sleeps all day; his body certainly needs the rest.

4 thoughts on “Post op day one

  1. So glad that everything went well yesterday, I have been praying for you all. I hope today brings healing and rest for everyone. Take care!

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