we are home

Just a quick update to let you all know we are home, and Ryan is sleeping on the couch.  We will follow up with the surgeon on the 28th.  I’ll do a longer post either tonight or tomorrow but for now I have a whole bunch of stuff to do to get caught up. 

He is still doing amazingly well and now needs a lot of time to rest.  This next week will hopefully be quiet and give him lots of time to simply let his body heal.  Our sweet little boy has been through more in the past 14 months than many people will go through in their entire lives.  He is living proof that God is good all the time even when we don’t understand.  It’s a joy to be home and we are relishing God’s provision this week.  Thank you, once again, for the numerous messages of prayer, support and thoughts.  I just simply don’t have the word to say what my heart feels.  We are blessed and humbled.

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