in the hospital again

Last night around 10:30 we took Ryan to the ER again and just as expected, his ileus is worse. We started IV fluids and did another abdominal X-ray that showed more air in his intestines. He was also very shaky  because he wasn’t getting his seizure meds like he needed. It was a hard decision to make whether to stay in Lincoln or go to Omaha again since he is established there. Our pediatrician has said in the past he thinks Ryan should be in Omaha due to his complex issues, but for our own sanity and mental health we decided to stay here. Both Travis and I are very stressed and having a difficult time with all this. We are both weary and just need a break from it. That isn’t going to happen this week but somehow we are finding the strength to keep plugging along. 

The doctor was here – can I just say what a wonderful pediatrician we have! – and we are going to do a CT of his head again to make sure this isn’t all from increased cranial pressure. If that is clear, we’ll try getting him up and walking around today, maybe trying to eat a little to see how he does. The doctor has no idea why he has an ileus when his abdomen is soft, non distended and not painful when palpated. So we’ll see. I’ll update again when we have CT results. 

My 2 yr old niece, Reagan, was also admitted yesterday just four doors down from Ryan with pneumonia. She is on oxygen and has sternal retractions so please pray for her as well. How many people can say they know cousins and sisters admitted to the same floor on the same day! Crazy but we both would rather be at home. It’s nice to have each other here though. And it’s nice to be less than ten minutes from home for once! 

Visitors are welcome! We are at BryanLGH East C216.

6 thoughts on “in the hospital again

  1. Kim and family,

    You are hemmed in, behind and before, and God’s hand is upon you, you cannot escape from His Spirit, or be without His Presence. Ps 139:5-7

    Praying for quick healing (Is. 58:8) for Ryan, Travis and your niece, and that your bodies and minds will find supernatural rest that only the Almighty can provide. Keep on keep’in on, you’re surrounded by a cloud of witnesses, and are encouraging and spurring on so many of us!

    God is hearing EVERY PRAYER, and HE WILL ANSWER!!

  2. Praying Ry’s stomach returns to normal asap! Also, praying for the whole family too. Thanks for going above and beyond to make Gpa/GGpa’s birthday so special! xobnb

  3. Sorry to hear you are so exhausted. I will pass the news about Ryan and your niece. WOW! I pray Ryan’s CT comes back all well. Tell him Mrs. C is missing him and as soon as you think it is a good time, let me know and I will visit. I know Jim is very concerned as well and looks forward to visiting him too. Prayers are with you and your niece’s family.
    Take care as best as you can.

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