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Ryan and I spent several hours in the ER and are now home; he is getting some much needed sleep.  They did an abdominal xray and started an IV while we were there.  The xray showed a lot of stool in his lower intestines and the radiologist report said he has a mild ileus.  After two boluses of IV fluid, I felt comfortable taking him home.  Ryan has always had bouts of constipation; we can easily take care of things at that end here at home and already have for the most part.  It’s the ileus we can’t do anything about.  Thankfully I know how to manage fluids through his feeding tube so I can monitor how much he is digesting every hour including residual and give him very small amounts frequntly until things start to move again in his small intestine.  We will definitely follow up with our pediatrician in the morning and stay on top of things.  I’m hoping that allowing his bowels to rest today without getting any food or fluids then starting very slowly tomorrow will do the trick.  Thank God for the IV fluids that will keep him from getting dehydrated for the present time.  This isn’t exactly how we wanted to spend our first few days at home, but at least we have the resources to manage here for now.  Please pray with us that his bowels wake up quickly so we can move forward and focus on his brain healing.  Besides this bump in the road, he is doing remarkebly well with his healing.  His incisions look great and he is in very good spirits without giving us any indication that he is in pain.  Unfortunately the seizures are still crazy, but the huge ones that generalize to the other side of the brain are gone.  It’s still so very hard to wrap my brain around the fact he is going to continue to have so many seizures but I am certain with time we will all come to accept things as they are.  Like Travis and I have said a million times, we can now say we’ve done everything for him that is reasonably worth trying.  He’s a sweet boy and is very loved.  Hopefully these next few days will continue to bring more healing on his little body.  Much love to you all!

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