It’s been a good day!  Ryan had an enema this morning with good results then he ate some Cheerios and a little water later in the day without getting stomach cramps from it.  His IV infiltrated so that was taken out, and the doctor said not to start another IV and see if he can hold down more fluids.  We are giving Pedialyte 1 ounce every hour and if he tolerates that, we’ll increase the amount.  We are finally getting somewhere but don’t want to push things too fast and cause him to go back the wrong way.  I’d much rather spend an extra day in the hospital than push him too fast and end up back here in a few days.  He was in a great mood today and enjoyed playing in the playroom several times.  This evening Travis brought the older kids up then I left with them and we ate at Raising Cane’s thanks to our wonderful church family.  Can I just say we have only been at the church now for a couple of months and have not had the opportunity to really get involved yet because we knew Ryan’s surgery was coming up. We have been completely blown away by the support and generosity of our new church family.  There are no words to described how blessed and humbled we have been and we are so very grateful for everyone who has come around us and supported us – most of whom we do not even know yet.  We switched churches only because our older kids didn’t have a youth group at the small church we were attending and we switched for them.  I have to say we are amazed at the outpouring of love they have already shown us with meals, gifts, three pastors coming up to the hospital several times to get to know us and pray.  God obviously has us there for a reason and we are grateful for all the wonderful blessings. 

Here are some pictures of our day…

Travis giving Ryan a ride to his room from the playroom – this thing is way better than crutches

Travis saw the surgeon today and this is a xray from this morning.  You can see the huge screw and that his bone is still not healed. He can start full weight bearing as tolerated and by his visit next month, the bone should be completely healed.

My sweet niece, Reagan.  This isn’t the best picture but it’s my favorite of her because she gets so mesmerized by the TV. Pray for the sweet little thing as she is still needing oxygen support and they would sure love to get home soon.  She needs to turn a corner.

My cute boy who was very happy I gave him some Cheerios today!

And last, our side by side rooms which have been very convenient.  None of us enjoys being hospitalized but it is nice to be next to my sister if we have to be here.  None of the nurses can remember having a situation like this before.

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