going home

Since Ryan is holding down and digesting small amounts of fluids and a bit if food, we are going home today. We aren’t doing anything here in the hospital we can’t do at home. He has been off IV fluids since last night and appears more comfortable. Ryan still has a long way to go before he is back to his baseline but we are headed in the right direction. It will be good for him to be in his own bed and resting at home. He still has a lot of healing to do after his surgery and ileus and home really is the best place for that. Thank you again for all the encouragement these past three weeks. I’m ready for life to get back to a little more normal place and for all the drama to find someone else to pick on!

3 thoughts on “going home

  1. So glad to hear he is coming home!!! I will be by next week to visit. I’ve had a cold so I’ve stayed away from visiting but by next week it will be all good! I can’t wait to see my little guy!!! hope Travis’ leg is on the mend. Trevor has been keeping me updated. AWSOME KID.. See you soon.
    Mrs. C

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