tucked in for the night

Ryan has IV fluids running and an abdominal xray was done. He is resting comfortably and Travis is with him tonight. We have a cozy room at the Rainbow House; I just showered and am going to get some sleep. Tomorrow the GI specialist will see Ryan and order more tests. The pediatrician is concerned he could have a malrotation of his intestines causing nothing to move. So we’ll see what the day brings. Feel free to stop up anytime and see us since we’ll probably be here a while. They put his g-tube to gravity to see what drains tonight. In regular terms, his feeding tube is hooked up to a urine leg bag so all the fluid coming back up into his stomach can drain out. I’ll update tomorrow when we know what will be done. Love to you all!

One thought on “tucked in for the night

  1. I have been praying for your whole family. I hope little Ryan gets some relief soon. It is great he has such amazing parents to love and support him. I alao pray for some relief for you both…….God knows all you have been through. I cant even begin to imagine just the emotional drain. I will continue to think and pray for you all.

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