in the hospital…..again

That’s right. We are at Children’s in Omaha room 502. Third hospital in twelve days. Ryan was doing good after his discharge yesterday in Lincoln and we were taking things slowly with his digestive system knowing it will take time to get him back to normal. This morning I took Trevor back to the doctor and he was put on another antibiotic and an inhaler because his pneumonia is still there. While I was gone, he started gagging, coughing and trying to throw up. Travis emptied his stomach and Ryan was very lethargic with his eyes twitching. We took him to the doctor and waited for Children’s transport to come pick him up and bring him to Omaha. He is obviously still having abdominal issues and we are settled just waiting to get tests ordered and figure out what they want to do. My sister, whose daughter is still on oxygen in the hospital, was so sweet to help us organize things. We have a room at the Rainbow House so one of us will get a good night’s sleep. I’ll update after we get some results but it might be a while. Thanks for your continued prayers. This is beyond frustrating but we are in great hands here and won’t leave until we know things are resolved. The older two kids are going to Dare to Share tonight and tomorrow with our church and Trevor has a birthday sleepover tomorrow night. My dad and stepmom are spending the weekend at our house to help us and my sister, and Travis’s parents are available too. Thank God for our family and church. They have all been so helpful and supportive, and we have been so blessed. A huge thank you to our pastor, Mark, for getting the kids’ bags to the right houses tonight! You are a blessing!

3 thoughts on “in the hospital…..again

  1. Sorry to hear you are back at Hotel Childrens. . . but sounds like that is where Ryan needs to be . They are just the best up there!! Glad to hear you have a room at Rainbow House, so you can get some rest. We’ll keep praying. James and Sandy Riggs

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