not going home

Ryan is throwing  up again. We were suppose to have a meeting at 12:30 with the home health nurse today then be discharged this afternoon. In the last hour he threw up several times and the few bites of chicken he ate last night came back out totally undigested.  He’s very tired and obviously we are heading in the wrong direction again. It sounds like he will end up needing to be scoped but we are waiting for GI doctors to come see Ryan then we’ll know more about what is next. To say the least, this is very discouraging but I have to say we are so glad he threw up here and not after we got home. Please pray for answers and for strength for all of us. What a hard few weeks we’ve had. I simply can’t put into words how difficult this path has become with everything else that’s happened this week. Our older kids need prayer too; they will be very discouraged when they find out Ryan can’t come home. We’ll keep you updated. Promise.

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