no big changes

It’s been a busy day.  I took the older kids to church then we picked up Trevor at a friend’s house and headed to Omaha. After lunch and a couple stops we came to the hospital and had lots of company. My dad and stepmom were here while Travis went out to lunch with a wonderful friend then Lyndsey, our respite provider and dear friend, came for a while. I also missed some friends who came earlier and visited with Travis. We are so grateful for the love and support! It means more than you all know.

Ryan was put on Erythromycin today which we tried just once last week. It’s an antibiotic that is also used for gastric motility, and he is getting it three times a day.  We should know by tomorrow night if it is going to work or not because either he’ll be passing gas and hopefully stool or nothing will change. I had a long talk with a doctor today who said she is hoping the GI doctors will agree to a dye study which will tell us through a series of X-rays if anything is moving from his stomach through his bowels. They all seem to think at this point he has a paralyzed bowel due to virus which is the most likely and expected problem or that he could possibly have a stricture somewhere in his intestines  – a narrowing not allowing things to pass. His bowel sounds continue to come and go (listening to his abdomen with a stethoscope) but his belly remains soft and non tender to the touch even though we think he has gas pains and/or abdominal cramping that comes and goes.  It’s still a frustrating mystery as to why this is all happening. The X-rays do not show an obstruction and there doesn’t appear to be air in his bowels. We’ll see what all the doctors think in the morning. It will be Monday so we have to start over with a whole new group. Maybe that will be a good thing. We’ll see. This is our tenth day here…..ugh…..And we’ve gotten no where but right back to all IV fluids and nothing through his stomach. I wish there was an easy solution to all this but it appears at this point we will be camping out here for quite some time. I’ll update tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “no big changes

  1. Mom you have been through so much! I love you and can’t wait til were all home as a family! Hang in there and remember God did this for a reason and he only throws at you what you can Handel! Love ya bunches!

  2. ((((HUGS))) and continued prayers across the miles. Praying for some answers. So sorry this journey has been so hard on all of you. Wish I could be there to help. Take care!

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