no changes

This will be short because there isn’t really anything new to report.  My dad was here this morning and stayed for lunch; Travis’s parents were here too. It was nice to have them all with us and we had a nice time together.  Ryan is doing the same.  He has been retching after meds and also sometimes when he changes positions especially going from lying down to sitting.  We have no idea why this is happeneing but his tube feedings are going well which is very good.  We’ll let the doctors know on Monday what is going on and see what they have to say.  We’ve been giving the Robitussin three times a day since last night so we’ll see if it ends up helping with the retching.  I have to work tonight and Sunday but otherwise things here are good with everyone else.

One thought on “no changes

  1. Keeping you all in our prayers. Thanks for such great updates.. . . it really does help us know how to pray. I saw a post on FaceBook today that made me think of you. “I know whenever a door closes, another one opens, but these dark hallways suck”. We thank God that He is walking down this hallway with you! It was so good to meet you last Sunday, Kim.

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