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It’s probably time to update people about Travis’s job situation since I know a lot of you have been praying, and we appreciate it so very much.  We really do.  Because the state came in and basically took everyone’s jobs at KVC, ended their contract, and completely cut the department Travis worked in, there isn’t a job to apply for at Health and Human Services.  He basically is back to square one trying to figure out what to do with his life now.  So….with so many unknowns with Ryan’s health and not knowing when he’ll be able to go back to school – good grief we are still praying every day we can keep him out of the hospital! – we have decided Travis is going to stay home with him and work part time at the airport.  He had a part time police officer job at the airport for the three years he was in school getting his masters degree and still has that position. For the past several months he’s worked sporadically and been able to fill all the shifts with other officers.  Thankfully he is able to get all those shifts back and as of this Friday, he will work there about 18 hrs a week.  Travis has formed some great relationships with everyone there and it’s a stress free job he enjoys with flexibility when needed.  I will continue to work full time at my job in the ER and stay on the night shift at least until things settle down and we have a better idea of how long term all Ryan’s new health issues are and what exactly we are facing.  We’ve just come to the point that we have to prioritize what is more important – making money or taking care of Ryan.  We have to believe Ryan’s medical issues and Travis losing his job in the midst of it all whas not a mistake.  Maybe this is simply God’s way of telling us he wants Travis home and we are to trust him to take care of everything else.  God has certainly been faithful these past five weeks providing exactly what we need when we need it.  I can’t start doubting his perfect will now.  Yes it’s scary not knowing how all this is going to play out but I’ve figured out my job is to simply trust. 

Ryan is the same.  He’s still retching throughout the day but he seems a little more awake and happy today.  He still hardly gets up from the couch but we have made him walk around the house a little.  Thankfully he has absolutely no interest in eating or drinking anything which is good since his stomach isn’t handling even a teaspoon of fluid. He has had a lot more fluid draining from his stomach so we aren’t sure if this is the beginning of his intestines shutting down again or just some fluke thing. Whenever his small intestine starts to slow down, he gets the increased stomach drainage we are seeing.  So far we aren’t seeing any formula coming back up, but it’s very nerve wracking not knowing if he is going to stay as he is digesting the formula through his j tube. I hope we are able to keep him out of the hospital and still figure out what to do about this retching.  It certainly wears him out and has got to be uncomfortable.  But in true Ryan style, he puts that smile back on his face and keeps going. 

Travis and I both have peace about the choice we made together for him to be home during the day.  In fact just this week at a sort of farewell lunch, he and his coworkers were all talking about what everyone is going to do now that they are all looking for jobs.  Travis said his dream job would to be a stay at home dad.  Of course I was not at all surprised.  We both would love to be home all the time with our kids and only work a few hours a week.  But I’m thankful I have a husband who is so committed to our family and does such a great job running our home with the kids, all Ryan’s medical needs, cooking, cleaning, laundry, bills, errands.  We certainly don’t have an average lifestyle but it suits us and we feel we are exactly where God wants us to be right now.  Some day that might change, but for now, our kids are what is important.  Yes we have bills, debt we’d love to pay off, things that need to be fixed around the house.  But some day when we look back, I guarantee you neither of us will be upset we did what God was calling us to do and keep Travis home during the day.  So we might have old linoleum on our bathroom floors, walls that need to be painted and carpet that needs to be replaced. At least our house is clean, comfortable, inviting and filled with love.  I guarantee you when our kids are grown they will not remember those petty things that weren’t exactly perfect.  There are three Bible verses I’ve really been focusing on believing God knows exactly what he is doing and is going to provide what we need when we need it.  He’s going to take care of us; he knows our daily needs, and we are going to walk by faith every day trusting him to provide.

II Corinthians 12:9 ~ My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.

Proverbs 30:8 ~ Give me neither riches nor poverty but give me only my daily bread.

Isaiah 26:3 ~ You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you; all whose thoughts are fixed on you.

7 thoughts on “job decision

  1. Kim,
    This very thought crossed my mind as a possible solution, since things have changed for Ryan’s care needs now. Who better than his dad! God will continue to clearly show you what needs to happen one day at a time, just as he brought you both in agreement on this issue. We asked the Lord to bring function back to Ryan’s stomach in prayer group at church this morning, and that He would make the way clear for what Travis was to do for work.

    We will continue to pray, as we claim the promise that our God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus.

  2. What a sweet blessung that Travis will be able to be there
    for the family. Isn’t it awesome how the Lord is continually
    at work in the lives if His people. He promises to never leave
    us or forsake us. We love you and continue to pray.

  3. What a blessing this will be for your family! You know I told you the Sunday we met that the thought had occured to me that this might be God’s way of making it possible for Travis to be home with Ryan during all these medical issues. He will provide your needs.

  4. I am so inspired by your faith and willingness to trust God to provide exactly what you need! So many people lose heart when faced with a trial, but you are leaning on your faith to pull you through. I continue to pray for Ryan and your whole family. God bless you all!!

  5. Like they say God works in mysterious ways. I know when I was laid off from job a few years ago it took me a total of 9 months until i was able to find work but god always made sure that he provided for me and that the money i did have stretched out until i was able to get a new job. I will continue to pray that Ryan’s health returns to normal and that when it does a dream job will be there waiting for Travis. Take care and many blessings to you all!

  6. Your family has what so many families desire and go looking for in things, status, and “toys”…Love and each other. I am praying for all six of you, that will know and experience the Lord’s presence in your home and in your lives. Praying for all of you! Isaiah 26:3 is my life verse. What a blessing and promise to experience the Lord’s peace in the midst of chaos.

  7. Kim – thanks for your updates that help us know how to pray specifically, and for your honesty. I praise God for how you guys continue to trust and honor God in the midst of uncertainly. Pleas know that we continue to ask Him to meet all your needs, heal Ryan and strengthen and encourage each member of your family! You guys are awesome!

    Steve Mills

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