summer is coming

One month from today school will be out for the summer and we will have one in high school, two in junior high and running kids to three schools.  It’s hard to believe how old the kids have gotten but they are fun and we certainly enjoy our time with them.  We are getting the kids organized for this summer with activities but thankfully are not overbooked so the kids should be able to spend lots of time with their friends.  Trevor started baseball which will keep him busy throughout the summer, and he’s also going to Camp Sonshine again for the fourth year.  Sidney is going to volleyball camp again and is going to play beach volleyball.  And Brad will be busy with weight lifting at high school, football camp and his drums.  We’ll probably put Ryan in summer school again just to give him something to do since he tends to get bored.  All I care about is being able to plant flowers soon!

Speaking of Ryan he is doing OK.  He has good days and bad days but thankfully things are still moving in his digestive tract so we are able to stay home.  He is still having pain and trouble stooling but we are able to manage things thankfully.  Ryan still requires so much sleep that he often sleeps for 3 hours in the morning which is why we haven’t put him back in school all day.  Hopefully by the fall he’ll be in a better place because he is so social and loves to be at school. 

Brad just got a letter today from his school saying he is receiving the Presidential Academic Award on May 10th.  This is a national award for kids leaving elementary, jr high and high school who have maintained a GPA of 3.5 or higher and scored at 85 percent or higher on a national math or reading test.  He’s pretty proud of himself and should be.  The school is having a breakfast and ceremony to award the kids.  I have to say I’m so thankful for three kids who value their education and strive to do their very best.  They are all doing very well and it’s because they push themselves.

There isn’t anything else new going on.  My job is going well and Travis stays very busy at home with Ryan and working part time.  Thank you for your continued support and love.  You all have blessed us more than we can express.  God has been so good to meet our every need and teach us that life is about serving and giving to others to honor Christ. 

One thought on “summer is coming

  1. Sorry I am behind on this. Had to have my computer taken in to get fixed and really behind on e-mails and all. Thanks for the updates on Ryan and your family. You are so right in being proud of your son having a 3.5 in school. How is your dog doing?
    I got bad news this morning My friends in Omaha who I have known the longest since I had gotten married, though my hubby been gone over 10 years now because of cancer, my sister in Christ husband died this morning. They were married 64 years. Keep Jean Marie in prayers and her two sons who are coming back to help her what they will do for Don body.
    Praying for Ryan and God Bless you all.

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