still home

Ryan is having some rough days lately. He has been gagging and coughing a lot but thankfully he hasn’t thrown up yet. That will be our indicator he needs to be hospitalized again. He is also having a very hard time pooping which isn’t good. In the past week we’ve given him large doses of Miralax, prune juice, Milk of Magnesium, milk and molasses enemas. And things are still not working right. I’m very concerned he is slowly shutting down again. We took him to the doctor this week and he has an ear infection and a bad cold. That’s all it takes to shut down his GI tract so we put him back on 24 hour feeds again to avoid giving him large boluses of meds and formula which are harder for him to process. So we’ll see what happens but hopefully this will pass.

We are headed to Mahoney State Park to meet all the McClinticks for dinner. Enjoy your day.

One thought on “still home

  1. Sorry to hear Ryan is having such a tough time. That of course means Mom and Dad are having a tough time too. Will be praying for health to return, and for strength for you all. I enjoyed meeting the 3 big kids after church this morning.

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