frustrated but grateful

It’s been a frustrating week trying to figure out what to do with Ryan.  On Monday, as I said in the last post, we took him to the Children’s ER in Omaha and were sent home with the diagnosis of constipation and told to do an enema every day for three days.  Well we did two enemas and neither was very successful.  Today the GI doctor said not to do enemas and to increase the Miralax he is getting every day from one dose to two larger doses.  If he doesn’t poop in the next three days then we have to call her back and see what the next plan is.  We certainly don’t want him hospitalized since that is an absolute pain in the rear but at the same time, we don’t want to do nothing then end up with a bigger problem than we started with because we ignored his symptoms.  We simply don’t know what is acceptable and what isn’t now that he has the J tube which allows us to feed him directly into his small intestine.  We’ll figure it all out eventually but it’s been very frustrating watching Ryan in pain and not being able to do anything about it.  The nerve pain in his abdomen when we give his meds is still going strong and that’s probably the worst of it all.  Within ten minutes of giving his meds, he gets nystagmus in his eyes, his body shakes and he can’t walk from pain.  We will pick him up and take him to bed and he holds on to us so tight it’s as if he is scared to death of something. It’s heartbreaking because he can’t tell us what he feels and frustrating beyond belief at the same time because no one can figure it out.  So, we’ll see what the next few days hold and go from there. 

I am so very grateful Travis is home with Ryan.  God certainly knew what he was doing by allowing Travis to lose his job while we were in the hospital in February.  It was painful at the time but it’s actually been a huge blessing because Ryan is still only in school for 2 1/2 hrs a day and he definitely needs one of us there to take care of him at all times.  Some days he doesn’t even make it to school because of pain or needing more sleep.  We’ve been able to see firsthand how God prepares the way and allows situations that we label difficult to actually become blessings.  It’s been a long journey getting  Travis through three years of school only to lose the first job he got after receiving his masters degree.  But it’s all about His plan, not ours; we also know both of our educations and job experiences will help tremendously when we are finally able to do Ellisbrook. 

The older kids are doing well.  Trevor is in full swing with baseball practice – no games yet – and is really doing well considering he hasn’t played before.  Sidney starts a 4×4 volleyball league next week and is very excited to be able to play through the summer.  And Brad just had his last jr high band concert tonight.  He did great and is really looking forward to high school and all the opportunities it will bring.

I need to get some more pictures on here so hopefully I can do that soon. Enjoy your day!

One thought on “frustrated but grateful

  1. Bless you all! My heart goes out to you, knowing it is so hard to watch your child suffer and not be able to help him. Will pray for wisdom for the drs, and for healing.

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